Individual Educational Support for Young Learners in Harrow and the Surrounding Areas

At A Star Tutors UK Ltd, our private tutors believe that learning is about much more than simply imparting knowledge. Students who come to our classes in Kenton, Harrow, will benefit  individually from tailored educational support by our specialist staff.

Our Philosophy

By encouraging our students to develop their social  skills, we help them discover their own individual paths towards adulthood. For us, learning and teaching are based on striving towards meaningful goals. We support students by giving them room for personal development and allow them to get involved in designing the way they are taught.

In this way, we allow students to solve any problems they encounter independently and gain increased levels of autonomy. This philosophy is applied to all levels of our teaching plan for maximum effectiveness.

Building on Strengths and Improving Weaknesses

In all subjects, we inspire our students to develop their individual strengths as well as trying to improve their weaknesses. To this end, we offer specially designed teaching materials and additional reading lists, encouraging them to extend their existing knowledge. This positive approach is highly effective in developing students to leave school.

Our Staff

Private tutoring

Ajit Patel 

Founder, Owner,  Mathematics (GCSE and A Levels)

Private tutoring

Janki Patel  

Co-owner, Tutor , Mathematics (11+ and 13+ examination)

Private tutoring

Mr Prince Bonsu 

Tutor, Science (GCSE and A Level Biology)

Private tutoring

Mr V Pandit  

Tutor, Chemistry (A Levels)

Private tutoring

Aaliya Ali

Tutor, English Literature and Language

Private tutoring


Tutor  Economics (GCSE and A Levels)

Private tutoring

Priyanka Das

Tutor, Maths and English (Key Stage 1)

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